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Finally Feel In Control Of Your Live Rig

An exclusive video workshop for anyone who performs on a stage with a computer.  You'll discover the BEST method that will also unlock complete control in your setup.  A true "Dream" scenario for computer-based keys platers.



Never feel like you're trapped or limited or "stuck" with your software setup again...

I've been hearing very similar things from many people:

"I've spent all this time and money buying and learning this software, and now it feels like there's less flexibility and more things to go wrong."

Which is sad, as software should exist to make us MORE flexible, and open up an infinite realm of possibility. And it can. It's simple actually.

As a matter of fact, there are a few key things I've done to set my rig up that give me the ability to DRAMATICALLY change my sound, while being in complete control. and most of all... FUN.
Believe it or not, it's actually enabled me to use just a couple of patches - about 10-12 total... and be able to use them to accomplish nearly ANYTHING I want to.

And now, I want to show you how too.



How to design the perfect live rig for complete control in Ableton, Main Stage, and Reason. - without the guesswork, glitches, and restrictive limitations


Complete Control

Discover the exact routing, bussing, and effects setup you can use to take back control of your Ableton, Mainstage, or Reason setup. Learn how to morph sounds on the fly, stay in control of the flow/set, and have the cool confidence that comes from knowing you'll never be caught off guard again.

Maximum Flexibility

Imagine being able to control the sound of any patch you use and be able to dramatically shape and mold it... at your whim. What if you could quickly turn a piano into a vibrant angelic pad, a synth into a mellow pad, or a mono signal into a wide expansive roar... all at the turn of a simple knob or two.

What Specific Effects You Should Use

You'll learn exactly what effects matter and what ones don't. There are a few core effects that work BEAUTIFULLY on just about any sound. By adding these 3-4 to your setup, you'll unlock near infinite possibilities... live.

Examples In The Software You Use
I give you the exact templates and the exact settings I use in Ableton. I then take those settings and move them into MainStage and Reason. You'll be able to simply "copy/paste" my settings into your software. These are the exact same settings I use live with Jesus Culture, at Bethel, and on recordings every day.





In this video workshop, you'll learn how to approach your rig from the perspective of control and flexibility.  I'll show you how to take the concepts in the ANALOG world - with all the knobs, faders, control (and FUN), and apply them to the DIGITAL world - with patches, presets, effects, etc.  The result is a live rig capable of ANYTHING.




You'll watch as I open sessions and build the system from scratch in the software you're already using - Mainstage, Reason, and Ableton.  So you can rest assured you'll get what you need to fully take advantage of the methods shown in these videos.




Everything you see in the workshop is saved and attached to the lesson.  So you can actually download and play with the sessions yourself to see how it all works - before you chart your own course and sculpt your own rig.


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$59.99 $49.99

One-time fee

  • Full 120 minute workshop
  • Examples & files for Ableton, Mainstage, Reason
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Freedom from software glitches, overwhelm and creative limitations.
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  • I don't just teach this stuff, I actually use it: This is the EXACT setup I have used on stadium tours, video shoots, live recordings for Grammy nominated artists, and more.  I'm not just repeating what some other person is teaching others - I literally figured this out via trial and error from countless hours on stage.  When you hear different sounds, morphing textures and effects, or wild layers - THIS setup was responsible.
  • I'm not JUST an instructor: but I am also a musician who plays at churches, live recordings, works in the studio, producers, writes, and everything else we do as musicians.  I've been working with Ableton since Version 1.5 (that's 2002 if you're curious) and have been a professional musician for 2/3 of my life.  So you can believe me that when I tell you that, when it comes to live patches rigs in Ableotn, I GET IT!  ;)
  • I've helped A LOT of musicians with their Live Patches Rigs: At the time of writing, over 2300 people have gone through Transform Your Live Rig.   I've helped people who use Mainstage, Ableton, Reason, or even hardware keyboards. Chances are that, if you're using it, I've heard about it and already helped someone with it.


Shannon Weeks

Synth University Alumni

"You aren’t getting ambiguous theory with Ian. You are getting practical, usable information that is extremely beneficial if you are willing to put it into practice."

Devin Adkins

Synth University Alumni

"Through Ian’s educational material I have learned more in the last year than the past 6 combined. His attention to detail and in depth training is second to none!"

Nick De La Sorte

Synth University Alumni

"Ian has a knack for distilling complex subjects into small topics and teaching those to others in a clear and fun way. I will continue to subscribe to anything that Ian produces in the future."

If you don't know me, I'm Ian McIntosh, Grammy Nominated Producer and Keyboardist heard on Jesus Culture, and founder of Synth University.

I help keys and synth players master synthesis, sound design, and audio software.

I do this through my In Context Training method I employ at Synth University so you can produce better albums, design better sounds, and create more amazing sequences and arrangements.

Transform Your Live Rig (just one of many workshops available inside Synth University) is responsible for helping thousands of keys/synth players, producers, and designers just like you feel confident and in complete control of their live rig.

Without it, you waste your time troubleshooting, trialing complex solutions, and just "hoping" your setup works as well as you'd like.

With it, you unlock the path to effortless control, cool confidence, and infinite sound morphing possibilities - LIVE, on the fly.

Now, go forth and start creating!

Your No-Risk 7-Day Guarantee

I'm a musician just like you.  I understand the risk you feel when decided to invest in your craft.  You work hard and don't want to waste your time (or money) on something that could have been a YouTube video.
The truth is I'm extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the method will be thrilled with the results.
That's why I'm offering a 7 day money back guarantee.  While I can't guarantee your live sets will go perfectly, I can guarantee you'll be satisfied with what you learn and how it impacts your future live performances.
If you're unhappy for any reason, just reach out and we'll refund your money.

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Design your DREAM Live Rig, stay in complete control of your sound, and finally LOVE your live keys software setup.

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Included FREE! With SynthU.Pro+ $49/mo